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The following organizations are those who benefit from our fund-raising activities.

The Arizona Youth Baseball Program

Arizona Youth Baseball

The Arizona Youth Baseball Program (AYB) is the designated charity of the AZMLA.  AYB promotes the game of baseball in Arizona, specifically by teaching good sportsmanship and skills of the game through organized clinics. Clinic Schedule.

Baseball Assistance Team

Baseball Assistance Team

The Baseball Assistance Team (BAT) is a Charitable organization devoted to helping those from the professional baseball “family” who have come up against hard times, including former major league, Negro League and minor league players.
It also includes widows, umpires, scouts and front office personnel.

The Association of Professional Ball Players of America

The Association of Professional Ball Players of America

The Association of Professional Ball Players of America (APBP) provides financial assistance for those professional baseball players, coaches, umpires, scouts and clubhouse personnel who are in need of a helping hand.

2024 Arizona Major League Alumni

Celebrity Golf Tournament





Jack Heidemann Ethan Blackaby Cisco Carlos Lou Klimchock Leon “Super B” Brown


From left: Jack Heidemann, Ethan Blackaby, Cisco Carlos, Lou Klimchock, Leon “Super B” Brown

Bob Lacey, Lou Klimchock, Leon "Super B" Brown & Jacob Rak-kinonen
From left: Bob Lacey, Lou Klimchock, Leon “Super B” Brown & Jacob Rak-kinon

For additional information on the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association click here.

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“Thank you for 35 years”

As President of the Arizona Major League Alumni it has been my pleasure working with alumni members, and the Valley of the Sun for the past 35 years.

Individuals from professional sports and business have worked as a team with one goal, “To enhance the lives of those less fortunate through the success of our major fund raising “Celebration of Baseball” golf tournament. Over $700,000.00 has been raised to benefit the following organizations, Every Kid Counts, Leukemia Society, Boys and Girls Club, Special Olympics, Major League Baseball Alumni, Baseball Assistance Team, Association of Professional Baseball Players and Arizona Youth Baseball.  A special thank you to corporate sponsors the Arizona Public Service, Arizona Diamondbacks Major League Baseball, Kleven Construction, John F. Long, Thunderbirds and Economic Council Charities.

In as much as the “Celebration of Baseball” golf tournament has been discontinued, the AZMLA a 501c3 Arizona Corporation, will continue to function as a volunteer organization to assist former players on local matters and be involved in other community activities.

Contact information:
Arizona Major League Alumni,
8876 South Myrtle Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85284

Web Site, Azmla.com   
Phone, 480-600-2188

Thank you again for 35 years.

Lou Klimchock